Gymnastics Birthday Parties

Birthday Gymnastics Party at Whitehall


Party bookings are for 1 hour (in the gym) 30 minutes (for food) and the cost varies depending on the amount of children. 

Option 1 - £160.00 - 24 children - 2 staff members

Option 2 - £190.00  - 30 children - 3 staff members

Coaches will set up the gym for the session and will be in attendance throughout to organise and oversee the gymnastic activities. They will also be able to arrange games if you require.  Parents can spectate from our gallery but are unable to come into the gym.


For an extra 15 minutes for party food £20.00

Option 3 - Under 4's option

For the under 4's we can set up stations as we do for our pre-school classes. 1 hour in the gym and 30 minutes for food. (Food is supplied by yourself) This party is completely unstructured and parents must be in the gym with their children  - £120.00

Subject to availability parties can be booked on Saturday afternoons, Sundays or day time in the school holidays. 


We have a few dates available for the next few months.

Saturday 14th of May 1:00 - 2:30pm

Booked - No longer available CM

Saturday 28th of May 1:00 - 2:30pm

Booked - No longer available AM


Booking conditions 


  • A non-returnable deposit of £75.00 is required to reserve a date. 

  • The booking form must be completed and returned with the deposit. 

  • The outstanding money must be paid in full at least one week before the party date. Failure to pay on time will result in the booking being cancelled. 


  • Maximum permitted number of children is 24 5-11 years old (Option 2 – 30 children) (Under 4s - we recommend no more than 18)

  • It must also be made clear that the children should be dressed appropriately for the gymnastic activities. Bare feet in the gym. No jewellery can be worn. No face paint, beaded hair braids, friendship bracelets. If any of the above is worn they will not be allowed to take part.  

  • The party organiser must keep a list of contact numbers for all children attending without their parents – so they can be contact in case of an accident or other emergency. 


The coaches in attendance have the authority to: 

  • Prohibit any activity that he/she considers to be dangerous or undesirable and to restrict/prohibit the use of items of equipment or areas of the gym as necessary. 

  • Refuse entry to the gym for any child who is not suitably dressed or is (in the view of the coach) not able to safely use the apparatus due to injury/illness or inappropriate behaviour. 

  • Children with limbs in plaster will not be allowed to participant in the session. 

Parties are for the children and although it is sometimes tempting for the adults to join in this is not permitted. 


  • The organiser is responsible for providing food, drink, plates, cups etc. 

  • Please include appropriate wear and no jewellery on your party invitations.

  • No food or drinks is permitted in the gym. 

  • No shoes or socks or jewellery are to be worn in the gym. 

  • The premise will be open 15 minutes before the session commences and must be cleared 15 minutes after the session has ended. 

  • The organiser must ensure that the premises are left in an acceptable condition (i.e. large debris to be cleared for the eating area and any spillage etc to be cleared up as soon as possible.) 

  • There is a kitchen area, which includes a microwave, a counter for preparation of food and a sink for washing up. Organisers are free to use these facilities but must ensure they are left clean and tidy. 

  • There is a kettle available should you wish to make tea and coffee but you will need to provide your own cups, tea, coffee, milk, sugar etc. 

  • There are facilities to play CDs in the gym should you wish to provide background music for the party.  If not we will play our music :-) 

  • £75.00 deposit required to book