Our women’s artistic squad is by invitation only and it is compulsory that all gymnastics in the squad compete. 


Gymnasts in our General Gymnastics squads can be expect to take part in the low level Essex County Competition and will be given opportunities to take part in several friendly events throughout the year. 


Gymnasts in our Women’s Artistic Squads can expect to take part in county competitions once or twice each year, and may have the opportunity to take part in friendly events and competitions. Artistic gymnastics requires a high level of concentration and precision and is therefore naturally more selective. For all gymnasts in our squads are always being assessed and reviewed to make sure gymnasts are in the correct place within the club and changes may be made at the end of the review period. However, we operate a continuing system of review for all of our squad gymnasts to ensure that they continue to train at a suitable level and subsequently receive the best out of their training.

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