Our women’s artistic squad is by invitation only and it is compulsory that all gymnastics in the squad compete. Whitehall has many different competitive groups for all ages and abilities. We try are very best to offer as many different opportunities to our squad gymnasts. 

We want our gymnasts to be in a group that brings out the best in them and where they enjoy their training and targets set by their personal coach and Head coaches It is important to us that gymnasts are happy, challenged and improving at a personal pace.


Gymnasts in our General Gymnastics squads can be expect to take part in the low level Essex County Competition and will be given opportunities to take part in several in-house / friendly events throughout the year. 






Gymnasts in our Women’s Artistic Squads can expect to take part in county competitions once or twice each year, and may have the opportunity to take part in friendly events and competitions. Artistic gymnastics requires a high level of concentration and precision and is therefore naturally more selective. For all gymnasts in our squads are always being assessed and reviewed to make sure gymnasts are in the correct place within the club and changes may be made at the end of the review period. However, we operate a continuing system of review for all of our squad gymnasts to ensure that they continue to train at a suitable level and subsequently receive the best out of their training.



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Whitehall Gymnastics Club
Squad Members Handbook

About us


Our new Gymnastics Club will have a fully focused brand new team approach to everything and the management team will work diligently to ensure they make Whitehall Gymnastics Club the very best it can be.


Here at Whitehall Gymnastics Club we provide a safe environment for all gymnasts of all abilities to prosper in, giving a positive outlook and making it fun, we want everyone to arrive and leave with a smile on their face!


Whitehall Gymnastics Club is proud to be promoting gymnastics in the county, region and the UK.


Our Team

Whitehall Gymnastics Club has a great team who are all aiming for a fun, friendly and successful environment.

Pictures of our coaches and staff can be found on our website.

All of our coaches hold current British Gymnastics Coaching qualifications, enhanced DSB's and have attended 'Safeguarding Children' courses. We have qualified first aiders onsite at all times as your child's safety is our number one priority.


Trust the coaches and Trust the process


Finding the right route for each child


The coaching team will determine the most appropriate pathway and group for each gymnast. All competitive groups are reviewed every 12 months, but changes can also be made throughout the year when required.


While it may be tempting to compare your child to others, it is incredibly important that you do not exert additional pressure on your child and do not interfere with coaching decisions.


All children are different and will experience a different gymnastics journeys and opportunities. Not all competitions are appropriate for all gymnasts. It is important to remember all gymnasts learn at different rates and have different strengths and weakness.



Clothing and Squad Kit

All gymnasts work in bare feet and wear leotards.


Plain black gymnastic shorts can be worn by gymnasts in training only.


All squad gymnasts must have the full club kit. 

Which includes the following

Short sleeved leotard (£50.95 - £60.95) New kit to 2022

Competition leotard (£90.00 - £95.00) Subject to change

Tracksuit top (£35.00 - £45.00) Subject to change

Squad Leggins  (£28.00 - £31.00) New kit to 2021

Club Coloured Srunchies (£4.00)


Hand guards and other bar accessories will need to be purchased when the time is right.

(We recommend Manique Classic handguards with buckles.)


The full Whitehall tracksuit can be worn to warm up in but must be removed before the gymnasts go onto the equipment. The gymnast must not wear just one part of the tracksuit, it must be the full tracksuit. (e.g not just the jacket)

Club T-shirts can also be worn to warm up in but club leggins or plain black gym shorts must also be worn.



All gymnasts need a floor routine

which will cost between £30-£50.



BG has a zero tolerance. no jewellery must be worn as this invalidates your Childs insurance. Should your child have newly pieced ears we will allow the to be tapes for a maximum of 6 weeks. We ask you arrange piecing in shut down holiday.



The club expects every board member, coach, gymnast and parent/guardian to be committed in each and every task they undertake. To be committed is to have a clear goal of what you want to achieve and have a personal investment in reaching that goal. A part of being committed is to know and accept what the situation is, our own personal starting point and what the development steps might be.

Through giving 100% commitment to each task, each of us can achieve our personal goals and work towards being the best we can be.


Class information

Do parents/guardians have to stay at the club?

Parents/guardians do not have to stay at the club, but if the child is under the age of 8 years old you will need to stay close to the gym to deal with any issues their child might have. (E.g. toileting, as this is not the responsibility of the coach)

Due to heath and safety, we need to restrict any disruption to our sessions as much as possible. Parents/guardians are not allowed to stand in the gym but the downstairs viewing gallery is available to parents who wish to watch the session. Parents/Spectators must not coach their gymnasts from the viewing gallery, this is the job of the coaches and you could cause distraction and give the incorrect information to your gymnasts. Please leave the coaches to the coaching.



Any items of value brought into any area of the center are done so at the users’ own risk as we cannot accept liability for any personal belongings left or damaged on site.

Lost property, While we cannot take responsibility for any property, which is lost in the gym center, any lost property we do find we will keep for you in Reception. At the end of the month any unclaimed lost property will be donated to a charity shop. Please note that if property is lost just prior to the end of the month, that property will still be donated to charity.


Speaking to your child's coach

You must not try and speak to a coach who is actively coaching, if you need to speak to a specific coach then please approach him/her before the session starts or once it has finished. If it is a minor issue and you are not able to speak to the coach please leave a message for the coach with a available staff member. If you need to have a longer discussion with the coach, please email the club to arrange a meeting.


Payment method

We ask that all payment for fees are paid by the 7th of the month.

Non payment could result in your child losing their place in their class.

If you have any financial difficulty please speak in confidence to a senior member of staff.



Dropping off & Collecting your child

Parents/Guardians are responsible for their child until handed over to the coach at the start of the class. Children must not be left alone before the start of the class.

Parents/Guardians are expected to collect their children on time. If you know that you are going to be late collecting your child for any reason you must contact the club ASAP. Parents who are more than 15 minutes late in collecting their child will be charged £10 unless there are exceptional circumstances. Parents that are regularly late in collecting their child will be asked to attend a meeting with the coaches which can result in your child being asked to leave the club.


Car parking

Please be respectful with your parking, as failure to follow this rule will have a negative impact upon our relations with the other companies in the business park.

Supervision of children, please note that the supervision of children not participating in any gymnastic sessions is the sole responsibility of their parents or guardians. Children within the facility must be supervised at all times. The club will not accept any liability for injury caused to children in the public areas.



As a part of being committed to the training program, gymnasts need to take responsibility for the time at which they arrive for training. Gymnasts should plan to arrive in the gym early for their training sessions. The warm up is an essential part of their training.

School Holidays

In the holidays including bank holidays squad training is likely to be day time training. We will let you know as soon as possible. 

Sickness & Injury

It is the responsibility of gymnasts to arrive in a fit state to meet the demands of the training session. Should a gymnast fall ill or become injured to such a degree that their performance or the performance of the other gymnasts in the squad may be compromised; the requirement of the club is that they remain away from training until they are fit and well. Training while ill can have a negative impact on the well-being of the gymnast and can spread illness throughout the gym. 

Returning after injury : -  Doctors note, parent required to sign 'fit to return' form prior to training.



Discipline in classes

The gym club is used by a number of gymnasts and in order to maintain a safe environment it is very important that gymnasts listen and follow the instructions of the coaches. Gymnasts who misbehave or attempt to perform moves that they have been asked not to and/or are not prepared for, present a very big danger to both to themselves and to others.

If there are repeated instances of misbehavior or a serious incident of misconduct then the gymnast will receive a first warning and sit out of the class. Continued misconduct will result in a verbal warning about the gymnast’s behaviour with the parent/ guardian. If behaviour still continues to be poor/distruptive after the second warning, gymnasts will be asked to leave the club.


How will the club communicate with me?

We will keep you updated with news and information, updates on the club website, and via the club Facebook page (Squad private page). We will also put posters up on the noticeboards in the viewing area and around the club.




How can I provide feedback to the club?

There are a number of ways in which you can provide general feedback and comments. You can email the club whitehallgymnasticsclub@outlook.com or leave comments in the fees box.


General comments & compliments procedure

Comments can be left in the fees box. This can be used for constructive feedback on areas that we can improve on but also to let us know where or what we are doing well!

Specific concerns/complaints/compliments procedure

If you have specific concerns with respect to the activities of the club. In the first instance you should speak to a member of staff and request a meeting.  Please do not attempt to engage the coaching staff during training sessions.




If you have a change of circumstances (specifically address and emergency contact details or your health status) then please inform Reception either in person or by email whitehallgymnasticsclub@outlook.com or phone. If a gymnast decides to leave the club, 30 days notice must be provided in writing. Should sufficient notice not be given the following month’s fees will still be payable.

We will communicate in writing and give a sufficient notice period of any invitations to change group. Gymnasts are not permitted to change groups in the high performance pathway without first being selected. Group changes must be sanctioned first by the Director of Gymnastics. Once selections have been acknowledged, the new fees will be calculated or amendments to existing fee accounts will be made.

We will communicate in writing and give sufficient notice to gymnasts who forfeit their place in their class due to non-payment or being unable to meet the expected commitment level. Should this situation arise, you will be informed in writing.


Social Networking

Whitehall Gymnastics Club believes that Facebook and Instagram are a fantastic way to communicate with our members and to demonstrate the fantastic work that our members do. While there are many positive aspects of using social media to communicate, we are aware that there are potential disciplinary and safeguarding concerns which stem from the improper use by members and the Club staff / volunteers.

May we ask that only posts of your own child are communicated. May we ask that only posts of your own child are communicated. Please do not post anything with other children in them or coaches.


Child Protection & Health and Safety

The safety and welfare of children and vulnerable adults in the club is a primary concern for Whitehall Gymnastics Club. If any of our members or parents/guardians have any welfare concerns, they should contact one of our Club Welfare Officers. Welfare Officers will liaise with the Director of the Gymnastics Club to investigate any welfare concerns and work to implement resolution. In order to effectively investigate and resolve welfare issues, parents/guardians are expected to maintain confidentiality around any welfare investigations.

The contact details of the Welfare Officers can be found on the noticeboard in the viewing area and on the club website.



Policies and Code of Conduct

All our policies and code of conduct can be found on our website. All members must abide by these.


All Whitehall members must have a valid British Gymnastics membership/insurance. Some gymnasts may require an upgrade at any point in the year but we will ensure to give you as much notice as possible in regards to this.