Recreational Classes

Weekday Classes

Tuesday and Friday 3:55 -4:55

Weekend Classes

Saturday Morning 9 -10, 10:15 -11:15 and 11:30 -12:30

All recreational gymnastics work toward the British gymnastics awards

Age groups for our structured classes

3-4 years - Tiny Toes

Structured 1 hour class on a Friday 15:55 - 16:55

Structured 1 hour class on a Saturday 10:15 - 11:15

4-12 years - Recreational

Structured 1 hour classes that we run on a;

Tuesday - 15:55 - 16:55

Friday- 15:55 - 16:55

Saturday - 9:00 -10:00

Saturday - 10:15 -11:15

Saturday - 11:30 -12:30


Tuesday 16:00 - 17:00

Invitation only!

This group is for selected gymnasts that senior coaches will invite to work in this class with a development coach, this class is designed as part of our progression plan with in the club. If the correct attributed are shown then there is the potential to work towards a competitive squad group.


Monthly payment + British Gymnastics Membership fee of £25.00 which will last until October 2021. Our fees our worked our pro-rota, so every month is the same fee, even though some months may differ how many sessions are in a month. (E.g : 5 sessions). We are open during half terms. We only close 2 weeks in the summer holidays and two weeks at Christmas.

We are open 48 weeks a year!

Our Term Time

1st of June - 25th of August - Term 4

9th of August - 30th of September - Term 5

1st of October + BG fee - Term 6

1st of November - 19th of December Term 7


Term 1 - 4th of Jan - 28th of Feb

Term 2 - 1st of Mar - 30th of April

Term 3 - 1st of May - 30th of June

Term 4 - 1st of July - 31st of August (Shut for 25th of July - 7th of August)

Term 5 - 1st of Sept - 31st of Oct

Term 6 - 1st of Nov - 17th of Dec


We use to invoice termly (3 months) but at the moment we are invoicing 2 monthly. 

2 months fees are £68.40 + BG affiliation. 


No jewellery may be worn at any time during classes.


This is the policy of 'Whitehall GC’ towards the wearing of jewellery by any age gymnast or coach. This means that if your child has any form of decoration, i.e. face paint, beaded hair braids, friendship bracelets, they will not be allowed to take part in their class until they can be safely removed. 

If your child has newly pierced ears they are able to tape them during the healing period. After this they must be removed.

We can offer a £5.00 trial session depending on availability.

 Trial session are £5 and can be booked depending on availability. If your child does not have gymnastics wear, shorts/leggings and a t-shirt can be worn for their trial and for the first few weeks.

Unfortunately, due to our new restrictions we are unable to let parents/guardians in to spectate. We are limited to how many people we are allowed in at one time.

If you would like to book in for a trial

• We would need your child's full name, DOB and contact information.

• Let us know what day would be best for you.

• Sign up to our portal. Payment will need to be sent prior to session. But we can arrange this after we have found a suitable session for you.


We now have a growing waiting list for some of our classes.


Waiting List for when spectators/parents/guardians are allowed in

If you would like to go onto a waiting list until spectators are allowed in We would need your child's full name, DOB and contact information. When the restrictions are lifted, we will contact you to let you know.

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