1st March 2020 - The Tulip Teams/Individuals
Level 5 Junior - Layla, Evie-Rose, Jess and Holly
Level 5 Senior - Grace, Isabell, Evie and Daisy
Results: (Individuals)
Grace Smart - 1st Vault
Evie Anderson - 4th Floor, 4th Vault and 4th Overall 
Layla Lee - 4th Floor
Results: (Teams)
Whitehall Seniors Teal Team - 1st Overall
Whitehall Juniors Turquoise Team - 6th Overall
Level 4 - Maisie, Neve, Geena and Amelia
Results: (Individual)
Neve - 1st Beam, 1st Floor and 1st Overall
Amelia - 3rd Vault, 3rd Floor and 3rd Overall
Maisie - 2nd Beam
Results: (Teams)
Whitehall L4 Team - 3rd Overall
Tulip teams2.JPG
Level 3 - Amy, Heather, Keira and Esme
Results: (Individual)
Heather - 1st Floor, 1st Bars, 1st Vault and 1st Overall
Amy - 2nd Bars, 2nd Beam, 2nd Floor and 2nd Overall
Results: (Teams)
Whitehall L3 Team - 1st Overall
Tulip teams3.JPG


December - Charlee-Beth completed her Level 3 WA

The Theobald Teams Competition Results

Overall • 6 2nd Places + 4 3rd Places • 

Level 7 
Team Wagtails - 2nd Place
Team Kookaburra - 3rd Place

Level 3 
Snowy Owls - 3rd Place

Level 6 
Team Magpies - 2nd Place 

Level 6 Seniors 
Team Turtle Doves - 2nd Place
Team Larks - 3rd Place

Level 5 
Juniors - Team Woodpecker - 2nd Place 
Senior - Team Wrens - 2nd Place

Level 4 
Juniors - Team Chicks - 3rd Place 
Seniors - Team Swans - 2nd Place

26th of October - 2nd Adult Competition

A massive well done to our adult gymnasts Saturday evening. 

Level 1 - Jessica :3rd Overall, 3rd Bars, 3rd Vault, 3rd Floor and 2nd Beam
Louise - 4th Overall, 2nd Vault and 1st= Beam
Kim - 5th Overall

Level 2 : Natalie - 2nd Overall,2nd Floor, 2nd Beam and 3rd Bars

We are so proud of you 

22nd of September - County Level 4 & 3

Level 3 13+ Years - Heather 4th Overall, 4th Overall, 2nd Vault, 2nd Bars, 3rd Floor. A big well done to Heather for being selected to represent the county in the Essex teams

Level 4 14+ - Paige 2nd Beam

15th of September - County Level 6 & 5

Level 6 9/10 years - Jess and Holly 4th of Beam

Level 5 9 Years - Maisie 3rd Overall, 3rd Bars, 4th Beam - Qualified for Regional Finals

Level 5 10/11 Years - Isabell - 5th Overall, 3rd Vault, 4th Beam 

Level 5 12+ Years - Grace - Vault Champion, 3rd Bars

21st of July - Very successful at The Roses 

23rd June - Tina and Kayley passed their Level 1 Women's Artistic

22nd June - Held our first Adult Friendly competition.

1st-2nd of June - We held our first competition and it was a great success! 13 1st - 3rd Overall position at The Whitehall Open.

3rd March - Pre-Grade Future Stars Competition.

24th of Feb - Level 4 Team came 2nd Overall in The Tulip Teams in Spalding, gymnasts also came away with 3 apparatus medals.

24th of Feb - 2 coaches qualified as Club Judges

11th of Feb - 2 more fire marshals

18th of Jan - 3 squad gymnasts were successful in county trials, 1 pre-selected.

6th of Jan - 2 new core proficiency coaches

2nd of Jan - Successful Open Day